April 2017

How CIOs Can Make Fintechs Work for Them


How CIOs Can Make Fintechs Work for Them

This recently published Gartner report will be of special interest to regional and mid-size financial institutions considering replacement of their aging online and mobile banking system.

Voice Activated Banking

According to Mary Meeker, a partner at KPCB, "Voice Recognition accuracy has rapidly surpassed 90% and is approaching the 99% threshold for accuracy."

State of Digital Banking - Disruption, Leaders, Laggards and the Race for Digital Maturity

In the United States, 84% of individuals with bank accounts have used an online banking service within the last three months while more than 43% of smartphone owners with bank accounts have used mobile banking in the last year.

Top Opportunities in Small Business Digital Banking

Most financial institutions have not been successful at unlocking the potential of digital banking for small business. Too many small business owners have been left to try and manage their finances on platforms that are inadequate to fulfill their banking needs.

An Introduction to Digital Core Banking

As more and more consumers elect to interact with their financial institutions via digital channels, the pressure to provide a personalized, consistent, and intuitive user experience increases on banks and credit unions.

Ubiquitous Digital Banking

In their 2016 Digital Specialist report, Celent points out that mobile banking is only a single touchpoint among many for consumers.

How Will You Address Consumer Demands?

From the beginning of the "digital revolution," consumers have been the ones in control. For many organizations, especially financial institutions, adjusting to this has been difficult.

A Blueprint for Choosing Solutions Where Data Needs to be a Value Add

The limits placed on banks and credit unions by aging disparate systems are well understood.

Financial Services Execs Wake Up To Digital Transformation

In a recent J.D. Power online survey measuring the level of consumer satisfaction, Chase, Citi, Wells, BofA, PNC and U.S. Bank ranked higher on the consumer satisfaction index than regional and midsized banks.

Transforming Data Into Dollars

Monetizing Digital Banking Channels

Turn Your Institution’s Data To Dollars With These Best Practices

Today, financial institutions typically use data to perform services on behalf of customers to detect fraud, authenticate customers, and ensure their money is protected.

Give Control of User Experience and Data Back To Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions have surrendered control of their customers to third parties especially when it comes to the money movement services they provide through their digital banking channels.

The Financial Services Small Businesses Need To Succeed

Sixty-two percent of the businesses in the United States are composed of five or fewer employees.

Better Late Than Never Does Not Apply To Digital Banking

Today financial institutions are facing the same digital challenges and opportunities that were impacting retailers more than a decade ago.