Making the Most of Digital During M&A


Making the Most of Digital During M&A

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the credit union space has been on the rise, and this trend is expected to continue in 2019 and beyond. In addition to being a great way to grow credit unions’ assets and extend geographic reach, M&A also presents a valuable opportunity for institutions to reevaluate and solidify their digital strategy before merging what was once two separate organizations.

2019 Digital Banking Trends

D3 Banking Technology (D3), provider of the industry’s most advanced digital platform, shares predictions on how digital, AI and personalization will transform the financial industry in 2019. In the coming year, financial institutions will focus on improving member service with better digital features and data analytics.

People Prefer Small Banks and Credit Unions, but the Clock is Ticking

Research reveals a sobering assessment of the challenges community banking providers and smaller institutions face with respect to their digital capabilities. Experts weigh the results and offer advice.

American’s Preference for Regional and Community Banks on the Rise

Around three in five Americans (58%) prefer banking with regional and community providers over a national provider. This is driven by better customer service of the former, according to a survey by D3 Banking Technology.

Look Inside, Not Outside, To Understand Digital Transformation

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shocked stakeholders when he tweeted that he was considering taking Tesla private. He explained that he believed this move could remove barriers on the company’s ability to innovate, and provide certain flexibility that would make it easier for Tesla to grow and expand its footprint.

Lets Get Digital - Four Strategies for Making Your Digital Conversion a Success

Modern consumers expect all services to be as easy and convenient as two-click purchasing on Amazon or hailing a ride with Uber. These and other tech-savvy companies will continue to shape digital services expectations across a multitude of industries for the foreseeable future—and banking is no exception.

How to Rank a Digital Banking Team Against the Competition

Tis the season. So, would it surprise you to find out that a football team and a financial institution’s digital banking strategy have a lot in common? To be successful, both must effectively leverage all the resources at their disposal to win. And, some teams – like digital banking strategies – are simply better than others. Check out our take on what positions would make up the ultimate digital banking football team.

Sizing Up the Wrong Competition

Credit Unions must do much more than benchmark their products and services against other peer and competitor CUs. They must measure themselves against banks and fintechs, not just other Credit Unions.

How TCF Financial Reinvented the Customer Experience

In the spring of 2015, new leadership took over TCF Financial Corp., based in Minneapolis, and set about a course that would reshape the bank from the inside out.

What Echo Dot for kids means for banks

“Alexa, read me ‘Dog Man and Cat Kid’ now” (please) could become the norm as Amazon rolls out its Echo Dot for kids. Eric Brandt of D3 Banking Technology says the news will only amp expectations of future customers for easy, quick responses. Don’t be intimidated, but adapt now.

What other banks can learn from BB&T’s glitch

In February, BB&T Chief Executive Kelly King took to Twitter with a video apology to thousands of irate customers after an equipment malfunction hobbled ATMs, online and mobile banking. “We are committed to making this right,” he said.

2018 Best of FinXTech Awards Finalists Announced

WASHINGTON, March 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bank Director and Promontory Interfinancial Network have announced the finalists for the 2018 Best of FinXTech Awards, which recognize institutions that exemplify how collaborative efforts can lead to innovative solutions and growth in the banking industry. This year's Award categories included Startup Innovation, Innovative Solution of the Year and Best of FinXTech Partnership.

TCF’s Big Leap to Modern API

More than many banks are willing to admit, TCF Financial’s digital banking platform three years ago was out of date. It wasn’t exactly prehistoric, but the Wayzata, Minn.-based regional didn’t even have a mobile remote deposit capture application.

Tech Time: Are Your Pro-Digital?

An analysis of 2017 trends and predictions for 2018 suggest innovation and solid fintech partnerships will be keys to success.

Transaction Directory: 2018 Predictions

From FinTech, Payments, Blockchain, and more. Get Transaction News 2018 Predictions.

2018 Tech Expectations

It will be an exciting 2018 for credit unions if just a percentage of the industry forecasts listed prove foretelling. However, expect continued cybersecurity incidents and threats to steal some attention.

5 Trends Credit Unions Should be Watching in 2018

OMAHA, Neb.–Five trends for 2018 that credit unions should be watching have been released by one company.

Inside TCF’s Digital Overhaul

TCF Financial in Wayzata, Minn., says it has quickly begun reaping the benefits of a recent digital banking overhaul.

How a bank bet on fintech for its digital reboot

When Kevin Karrels first joined the digital team at First Tennessee, he knew a drastic overhaul was in order.

Partnership Is the Only Way Smaller Banks Can Compete on Mobile

Banks like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Wells Fargo are announcing new mobile features and adding new mobile users every day, but mobile can be a challenge for smaller banks that don’t have the resources of a Wells or Chase.

What API Standardization Could Mean For Payments Fraud

API technology is opening new doors for the world of financial services, a trend that cultivates cooperation and collaboration between FinTechs and banks, once considered competitors.

Are you driven like Ford lately? Why banking execs should study the automaker’s CEO turnover

Ford recently fired its CEO Mark Fields, seemingly out of the blue. Based on the staid, risk-averse mindset that dominates much of the U.S. auto manufacturing sector, such a move seems counter-intuitive—especially given Fields’ performance.

Alexa Authentication A Natural Fit For SME Banking

The way FinTech adoption goes, it’s usually the consumers who first jump onto a new technology, and corporate users typically follow later.

Voice-Activated Tracker: Let’s Talk About Banks

In recent weeks, a number of financial institutions and FinTech providers have begun testing, introducing or adding upgrades to voice navigation functionalities for their banking customers.

D3 Banking Says Hello To Alexa

FinTech startup and digital banking solutions provider D3 Banking recently unveiled an intelligent voice banking interface using Amazon’s Alexa.

D3 Banking Reports Digital Banking Growth in 2016

Financial institutions using digital banking solution experience rise in digital users, company reports record revenue and is positioned for continued momentum

Our 10 favorite investment stories of 2016

Silicon Prairie News covers the tech startup scene across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Here are our most popular investment stories this year:

Top 2017 Banking Trend Will Be Digital Momentum

The major online and mobile banking replacement cycle that began in 2016 will gain significant momentum in 2017 as more financial institutions seek to stabilize and grow customer bases through an advanced, comprehensive digital banking strategy.

Top tech trend for 2017: humans

Exceptional customer experience, coupled with enhanced staff proficiency, seen as keys to success

Digital Banking Milestone

3 Banking, the leading innovator in data driven digital™ banking, announced today that more than one million digital users from Arvest Bank and First Tennessee Bank have successfully migrated to its digital banking platform over the past year, representing the largest replacement projects of this kind in the digital banking era.

D3 Digital Banking Platform Goes Live at First Tennessee Bank

The largest Tennessee-based bank, First Tennessee Bank, has gone live with a digital banking platform from D3 Banking. The deployment will provide a personalized banking experience for almost half-a-million digital customers while lowering costs for First Tennessee Bank.

Making banks relevant to small business customers

Although small businesses have generated two-thirds of the economic growth in the United States since 1995, few financial institutions offer products or services built specifically to meet the needs of this vast and potentially profitable segment.

Alt Lending Anxieties Nowhere To Be Found

For weeks the FinTech industry has been managing fears and anxieties over the future of the novel alternative finance space. Soon after Lending Club revealed its ex-CEO may have artificially inflated the company’s lending volumes, the U.S. Treasury Department released its report on the sector and concluded that the market would likely benefit from greater oversight from regulators.

The Digital Race In Small Biz Banking

The edge mid-sized and community banks have historically had on the big guys is that they put a face to banking. For small and medium-sized business owners, that personal touch may be the factor that leads them to choose their local branch over a major, multinational financial institution.

Vetting a Vendor

Security continues to be a major area of vulnerability for the banking industry, with attacks impacting individuals, small businesses and major corporations. From phishing to ransomware, fraudsters are constantly evolving their methods to counter steps taken by banks and credit unions to protect their environments. To maintain their reputation as organizations trusted most by consumers and businesses when it comes to managing assets, financial institutions must ensure that every part of their operation is secure, including those areas where vendors play a role.

3 Questions with Michael Carter of D3 Banking

FintekNews is pleased to offer the 10th installment of our weekly feature column "3 Questions". Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech and ask them to answer just 3 questions for our audience in their vernacular. This week we are pleased to introduce you to Michael Carter, Chief Market Analyst with D3 Banking, a digital analytics and data services firm which helps banks design user experiences for their consumers and small business customers.

The Risk of Doing Nothing

It’s no secret that most bankers are logical people; our industry is full of methodical, meticulous thinkers. Such careful thinking tends to be accompanied by a higher level of risk aversion than is typical in many professions. That’s a good thing since this is the group of professionals that consumers trust to safeguard their money. However, sometimes it is difficult to understand where the real risks lie, especially in areas such as digital banking.

Expect Long Mobile Wallet Adoption Curve

Though mobile wallets continue to show great promise, they will be on a longer adoption curve than many those in financial services expect, Michael Carter, chief market analyst for D3 Banking, tells Mobile Marketing & Technology.

Bringing Digital Banking To SMBs

The movement toward digital financial services can only be as strong as the technology that is implemented to conduct transactions, far and wide, through a variety of channels, including mobile. For some small and mid-sized businesses, embracing digital banking can mean moving beyond mere convenience to embracing a deep and real understanding of how they are truly operating on a day-to-day basis.

Leveraging the Benefits of Same Day ACH

Same-day ACH services can both lower payments costs for banks while improving customer service.

D3 Banking’s Mike Carter on millennials and the future of banking

Mike Carter is Chief Marketing Officer of D3 Banking, a digital banking startup based in Omaha. He recently spoke at the FinovateFall conference in New York. He will be presenting on millennials and banking at the Digital Economy Conference on October 2nd. SPN caught up with Carter by phone.

D3 Banking, Jack Henry present at FinovateFall in New York

“Our money movement service for small businesses simplifies the process of making payments removing the need for them to know the difference between bill pay, A2A, P2P, ACH or wire payments,” Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking, said

Imperative to Be Strategic, Not Tactical, With Technology

To remain competitive, credit unions must have an ever-evolving strategic plan that delivers greater member value across an increasing number of channels.

Converting the e-Channel to Recognize Members and Realize ROI

Because credit unions have members rather than shareholders, delivering exceptional service determines why one CU is superier to another.

What Bankers Can Learn From The Retail Industry

The digital challenges and opportunities facing banks and credit unions are not unlike those faced by retailers more than a decade ago. Will the banking industry learn from those before them or face a similar fate similar to Blockbuster, Borders, Circuit City and others.

Nacha’s Same-Day Move Helps U.S. Banks Play Catch Up

Nacha recently announced a rule change allowing for same day ACH payments. This decision was a heavily debated throughout the industry for several years.

Personal Financial Management Tools Help Customers Help Themselves

Personal financial management (PFM) has a dual personality these days. On one side are Quicken-like planning packages that simplify budgeting and other financial tasks, but still require a certain amount of regular care and attention from users.

Building an E-channel Roadmap

Many of the online mobile technology decisions made by credit unions have been reactions to rapid member adoption of digital devices and increasing industry competitive pressures.

Debating the Rising Digital Banking Price Tag

Call it sticker shock. Some credit unions are expressing dismay and anger at what they perceive as sharp jumps in their monthly fees for online and mobile banking, mobile remote deposit capture and digital bill pay.

SHAZAM and D3 Banking Join Hands to Create New SaaS Solution

SHAZAM Network and D3 Banking are collaborating to create a comprehensive digital banking service for community financial institutions.