Enabling Technology

Deliver the service and features that your users expect in from their financial institution

Open APIs

The D3 Platform provides open APIs for all services that power our solutions. All APIs are native, well documented, and exposed for use in D3 solutions as well as for use by our clients so they can differentiate themselves. All APIs are controlled and published according to a release methodology that facilitates rapid deployment.

Scale & Innovate with Ease

D3 Solutions, Services and Features are supported by a granular microservices architecture. This approach when combined with our open APIs provides financial institutions with nearly limitless options to tailor and personalize the banking experience. Further, the granular nature of the microservices architecture compartmentalizes risk to the institution and the end-customer by relegating the impact of any system changes.

Extend & Tailor Via SDKs

D3 offers SDKs for web, mobile and server, giving your financial institution the ultimate control. Using SDKs, your bank or credit union are able to introduce new services, microservices, or modify existing services and microservices, according to the unique needs of your digital banking offering.

Choose Your Deployment Model

The D3 platform can be ran in the cloud, on-premise or as a hosted service. Regardless of which model suits your institution, get the same value added features including scalability, configurability and availability to give you the control you need.