Automated Financial Reporting, Powerful Entitlements, Predictive Cashflow

Banks And Credit Unions Are Not Serving These Small Business Needs

Since 1995, two-thirds of our job growth has come from small business. However, while half a million small businesses are launched each month, more than that number fail. One of the primary reasons that small businesses fail is an inability to manage their finances. One of the contributing factors to the struggle small businesses face is the lack of assistance provided by financial institutions.

D3 Small Business Banking addresses the needs of these under-served small businesses allowing financial institutions to help these organizations survive and thrive.

One Stop Information Rich View: Accessing D3 Small Business Banking is as simple as toggling between an owner’s personal and business accounts. No additional login required. The D3 Small Business Banking Dashboard presents summary information regarding all the accounts held by a small business and allows owners to conduct a full array of money movement services without leaving the page. In addition, from within the dashboard, the owner can quickly and easily review and evaluate the financial health of his or her business with information provided graphically, using D3 Banking’s powerful data analytics engine.

Intuitive Analytics and Automated Reporting: D3 Small Business Banking turns this data into actionable information by automatically creating pro forma budgets, income statements, balance sheets and a statement of cash flow for the small business owner. This is done without requiring heavy lifting from the owner. A graphical representation of the data as well as line item versions that are downloadable are provided.

More Control, Less Complexity, Improved Planning: D3 Small Business Banking’s allows the small business owner to control access by accounts and activities using the products robust entitlements functionality. A timeline presentation of money movement activities is provided presenting all transactions (transfers, bill pays, etc.) past and present in one simple view. Based on the predictive analytics used by our solution, the owner can easily configure the timeline to identify if there may be a cash shortage in the future. Similarly, the financial institution has visibility to this information and can use it to engage with the small business to proactively offer relevant advice, products or services.

Discussions with financial institutions indicate that the need for solutions tailored to small businesses remains high because few products were built specifically for small businesses. Some are scaled down versions of commercial cash management systems that are overly complex for a small business owner to use productively. Others are simply consumer banking services that do not meet the small business owner’s needs.

The D3 Small Business Banking solution fills the need for a product built specifically for these organizations providing services built to serve their needs. It was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of organizations that lack regular access to the financial knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

D3 Small Business Banking is built upon a foundation that differentiates it from other solutions in the marketplace. The benefits this foundation provides include:

One Solution, All Digital Devices: D3 Small Business Banking delivers a comprehensive set of small business banking services from a single code base to laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearables. Our API-driven architecture allows us to easily incorporate new services as the needs of digital consumers evolve.

Scalable and Configurable: D3 Small Business Banking products was built to help regional and mid-sized financial institutions better address the needs of their small business clients. The solution is highly configurable allowing banks and credit unions to position their brands and package their services to competitively differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Data Driven: D3 Small Business Banking includes a powerful data analytics engine that allows owners to assess and monitor the financial health of their businesses without requiring heavy lifting on their part. Financial institutions also have view to this data and can use it to assist and advise small business owners.

Choose Your Deployment Model: D3 Small Business Banking can be operated on premise or hosted for a financial institution. Regardless of which model suits a bank or credit union better, each institution receives the same value added features, including scalability, configurability, and availability.

  • Single omnichannel solution
  • Consistent user experience
  • Automatic transaction categorization
  • Embedded financial management
  • Aggregation
  • Pro forma financials
  • Predictive cash flow
  • View and do dashboards
  • Biometrics security
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Innovative money movement
  • Expedited payments
  • Contextual functionality
  • Data visualization
  • Comprehensive alerting
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Mobile only and/or mobile first
  • Control of user data
  • 1:1 Marketing
  • Shadow assist
  • Least cost routing
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Configuration not customization
  • Maximum control of entitlements