Configuration Not Customization Puts Financial Institutions Back in Control

Is Your Brand Differentiation and Time to Market Held Hostage by Third Parties?

We have reached a pivotal moment in digital banking when regional and midsized financial institutions must look for new partners to help them deliver digital banking solutions that help them compete successfully. There are several elements influencing this development, not the least of which is the lack of configurability found in the legacy online and mobile solutions available in the marketplace today. These solutions cannot accommodate the specific needs of banks and credit unions within the budgetary constraints and market dynamics in which they operate.

That is because most solution providers in this category only offer product customization that is time consuming and expensive. Simple changes in a disclosure statement within the online or mobile platform can take 60-90 days to complete. Imagine what an organization needing to reposition its brand faces using this approach. Even if the financial institution has the money required to pay its vendor to change its logos, colors, widgets and templates, it cannot afford to take the time required for this work to be done. The market is simply moving too fast to accommodate this outdated model for differentiating financial institutions in this market segment.

What if your financial institution had the ability to make changes such as these without waiting on – or paying – a vendor or other third party? D3 Control allows banks and credit unions to optimize user experience, determine which services and features they enable and define which customers see what – all without requiring any assistance from D3 Banking.

Controlling Your Own Destiny

Using D3 Control, a financial institution can change color themes, icons and labels or accommodate another language needed by a segment of your customers. In addition to configurability in these areas, D3 Control provides institutions with a content management tool that allows them to publish and record terms of service changes as needed and the ability to centralize management of account permissions, entitlements and display attributes.

D3 Control manages the configuration of the following elements across the entire D3 Banking solution set:

  • All branding, themes, colors, labels, and fonts.
  • The products, services, features, and functionality to surface for customers.
  • The fields required by account type, definition of labels, and the order of the fields.
  • Determine payment capabilities for each account type, define dollar limits based on transaction type, set different parameters based on accounts or customer segments, make exception decisions on an individual basis, or disable functionality for a specific customer.
  • Enable self-service functions (stop payment, enroll for eStatement, etc.) as contextual actions to create an intuitive user experience.
  • Change/alter terms, conditions, and disclosures providing version control including the ability to know when the content was viewable or schedule publication of future versions.
  • Determine the format for masking account numbers.

D3 Control provides these configurable features for both D3 Banking’s Consumer and Small Business solutions. These solutions can be operated on premise or in a hosted environment. Regardless of which model suits a bank or credit union best, any and all of the D3 Control configuration capability can be utilized.

Returns control to banks and credit unions.


  • Templates
  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Labels
  • Languages
  • Permissions
  • Entitlements
  • Display attributes
  • Self-service options
  • Contextual actions
  • T/Cs
  • Disclosures

When you want, how you want. No waiting in line and paying for the privilege.