D3 Consumer Banking™ Omnichannel Digital Banking Services For Customers of Banks and Credit Unions

(Omaha, Neb.) October 28, 2013 – Lodo Software, Inc. (www.D3Banking.com), an innovator in omnichannel digital banking services, announced today general availability of D3 Consumer Banking™. With D3 Consumer Banking™, financial institutions can reduce the overhead and complexity associated with running multiple systems across their online and mobile banking channels. This allows the bank or credit union using D3 Consumer Banking™ to provide customers with a consistent, personalized experience anytime, anywhere on any device. 

“With the release of D3 Consumer Banking™, we are providing banks and credit unions with an option not available to them via legacy providers of online and mobile banking systems,” said Mark Vipond, CEO of Lodo Software. “D3 Consumer Banking™ consolidates the disparate digital channels for financial institutions services lowering cost and operation complexity. Most importantly, our product provides the customers of these organizations with a consistent, personalized user experience regardless of what digital channel they choose to use to access their accounts.”

“According to studies done by Google, consumers often start an activity on their laptop and finish it on their smartphone or tablet,” according to Jeelani Shaik, CTO of Lodo Software. “When these consumers move from one device to another, they often find user interfaces that are inconsistent and confusing. According to a study by J.D. Power, one in six consumers are leaving their bank or credit union because of this. Our D3 Banking™ solutions are built using modern design tools that allow these organization to normalize the user experience across channels and devices and customize the offers they present to the customer.” 

D3 Consumer Banking™ delivers an innovative set of features designed to make the digital banking experience simple for the customer and data rich for the financial institution. 

1. Responsive Design: As one of the first companies to employ responsive design in a transactional environment, Lodo Software has given banks and credit unions the ability to free themselves from the overhead associated with maintaining multiple applications for the variety of devices, screen sizes and operating systems in the marketplace. With responsive design, the presentation of the digital banking services by the institution automatically reconfigures itself according to the device being used.

2. Integrated, Automated Financial Management Tools: By utilizing the integrated personal financial management services within the D3 Banking™ architecture, D3 Consumer Banking™ automatically creates budgets and categorizes expenses for the end user based on aggregated data and previous transactional patterns. This limits the amount of work the customer must do to get an initial view to his or her financial position. The customer is then able to customize their budgets if needed. Even if the customer chooses to not utilize this feature, the D3 Banking™ system continues to update the customer’s budget as the user’s data is refreshed.

3. Comprehensive, Easy To Use Money Movement: D3 Consumer Banking™ approaches money movement from the perspective of the user. Options for transfers (e.g., account to account, person to person) and bill payment are accessed on the customer’s dashboard where he or she can schedule the timing of the transaction according to need without worrying about the payment rails involved in getting the money to the account, person or company. Money movement in D3 Consumer Banking™ is more convenient for the customer and gives the financial institution more control over the user experience.

4. Powerful Data Analytics: Within the D3 Banking™ architecture, a powerful analytics engine continually updates and analyzes the data available on the customer. D3 Consumer Banking™ utilizes this capability to enable financial institutions to gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs and a better view to the opportunities for driving more revenue through the sale of products and services.

5. Flexible, Targeted Marketing Capabilities: D3 Consumer Banking™ utilizes an integrated marketing module that allows a bank or credit union to create, deploy and track marketing campaigns personalized for the customer based on the data available within the D3 Banking™ system. The customer receives offers that are tailored to their financial position. These offers can be configured to precisely tell the customer the economic benefit to him or her of the product or service offered by the financial institution.

“Our solution addresses the needs we have heard from customers and analysts in the marketplace,” said Vipond. “Our first release of D3 Banking delivered the underlying data analytics, marketing capabilities, responsive design and financial management capability. With this release we have the solution that can help banks and credit unions overcome the limitations of their legacy systems and consolidate their growing channels of digital service. We intend to apply these same benefits and capabilities to the future releases of our product that will include D3 Small Business Banking™ and D3 Omnichannel Wealth Management™.”

D3 Consumer Banking™ will debut at the BAI Retail Delivery 2013 in Denver, Colorado November 5 – 7. Demonstrations of the solution will be available at the Lodo Software D3 Banking booth #2077.

About Lodo Software

Lodo Software delivers Data Driven Digital™ banking that provides the end user with a consistent, personalized experience anytime, anywhere, on any device. D3 Banking provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that empower the individual and small business while providing banks and credit unions with cross-selling tools designed to meet the needs of their customers at various stages in life. Founded in 2007, Lodo is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with software development based in Denver, Colorado.

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