D3 Banking Offers Data Driven Digital Banking on a Managed Secure Cloud Platform

Highly-configurable capabilities position financial institutions for a competitive advantage

OMAHA, Neb., June 03, 2015 – D3 Banking, the leading innovator in data driven digital™ banking, announced that its solution is now available in a hosted environment. The company’s hosted platform is scalable, flexible and powerful, providing a comprehensive set of innovative digital banking services accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. The D3 Banking hosted option maximizes the control banks and credit unions have over the way they package and brand the digital banking services delivered to their customers and members.

The administrative module within the D3 Banking platform, D3 Control, provides institutions with distinct configuration options strengthening their ability to competitively position themselves in the marketplace. With D3 Control, the functionality exposed to the end user can be defined within each service and a financial institution can modify branding and theming, changing logos, color schemes and icons, by regions, seasons, sponsorships, and events.

“Hosted solutions typically require that the financial institution sacrifice control in order to gain certain economies that come from not having to maintain an on-premise solution,” said Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking. “With its high level of configurability, D3 Banking’s hosted solution provides institutions with the ability to differentiate their digital banking services and respond quickly to developments in their markets whether that means a new service, device or

D3 Banking partners with FireHost for its cloud infrastructure. A managed secure cloud expert, FireHost has built its expertise in security and compliance with practices in the highly regulated payments and healthcare industries. While many service providers add security services and capabilities on top of a commodity cloud or hosting solution, the company engineers these capabilities directly into its core platform and invests in creating much of its own intellectual property, especially for integrated security, threat intelligence and around-the-clock monitoring.

About D3 Banking
D3 Banking reduces the cost and complexity of digital banking by providing a scalable single code base solution that can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, or tablets. The company provides responsive web design in a scalable transactional environment to deliver a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere, on any device. Its Data Driven Digital™ banking leverages a powerful, proven analytics engine that allows financial institutions to personalize their product and service offerings for each unique customer. More than 225 institutions in the United States use products and solutions from D3 Banking. 

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