D3 Banking Adds Over One Million Users to is Digital Banking Platform

Milestone marks largest replacement projects in digital banking era

OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 29, 2016 – D3 Banking, the leading innovator in data driven digital™ banking, announced today that more than one million digital users from Arvest Bank and First Tennessee Bank have successfully migrated to its digital banking platform over the past year, representing the largest replacement projects of this kind in the digital banking era. The D3 Banking solution provides these customers with a consistent and intuitive digital banking experience across all devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearables. In addition, the powerful data analytics at the core of the the solution equips users to better manage their finances while providing Arvest Bank and First Tennessee Bank with the ability to personalize advice and offerings. 

As competition increases, more financial institutions are seeking digital banking solutions that allow them to leverage their own unique brand position to deepen their role as a trusted advisor to their customers. The leading industry research firms that advise many of these institutions have published reports in the last 12 months that describe options for achieving these goals. Forward-thinking institutions are starting to deploy these recommended strategies, replacing the less flexible, more dated solutions considered by some industry research analysts to no longer be viable. 

Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking, explained, “D3 Banking is committed to empowering financial institutions with technology that mitigates the limitations of their antiquated legacy systems and positions them to lead through innovation over the next several years. Our solution is the only one in its class that is built on a powerful data analytics engine that makes it possible to not only personalize digital banking offerings, but anticipate customers’ needs. Accumulating more than one million digital users in just 12 months is a true testament to the capabilities of our platform and the competitive advantage it presents.” 

D3 Banking’s solutions provide mid-sized and regional financial institutions with a comprehensive set of data driven digital banking services for consumers and small businesses that is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any digital device. D3 Banking’s products are highly configurable, allowing banks and credit unions to change colors, content, permissions, templates and naming conventions without the delay and cost often associated with customization. The company is currently working with two other financial institutions on projects to go live over the next several months. It is expected that the total number of users on the D3 Banking platform will more than double during this time. 

About D3 Banking 
D3 Banking reduces the cost and complexity of digital banking by providing a scalable single platform solution for consumers and small businesses that can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, tablets and wearables. The company’s solutions provide a consistent, intuitive user experience in a highly configurable environment that allows banks and credit unions to leverage their brand positioning and respond to consumer needs quickly and without additional cost. By providing Data Driven Digital™ banking using a powerful, proven analytics engine, D3 Banking’s platform delivers value-added financial management tools to consumers and small businesses while providing financial institutions with the ability to use this information to personalize their product and service offerings.

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