CX Tailoring

Choose Your Level of Configuration

From basic text and color changes to full-scale custom UIs built atop our APIs, our platform gives you multiple options for user experience configuration.

The Power of Control: Configuration

Utilizing our proprietary application, Control, your internal resources can simply input your bank's digital brand equity and watch the UI come to life. Within minutes the digital banking application transform to the colors, logos, fonts and messaging that makes your CX unique.

Modify UI with Extensions

If the tailoring tools of Control don't fit your team's every need, we allow for custom built extensions to further adjust UI elements. Simply put, if you can imagine your UI changes through CSS or JS, there's nothing holding you back from your desired UX.

UX Alterations

Our extension model not only allows for UI tailoring but UX customization. Reimagine menus, user journeys and content strategy to create your own custom UX.

Component Creation

Financial institution should not be held back by the limitations of technology partners. That's why we allow for custom, modular services to manifest as propriety enhancements in your digital CX.

Go Headless

Because of the robust architecture that makes up our platform, you even have the option to build your own UI a top our APIs, creating completely custom experiences for your customer.