Arvest Bank Introduces BlueIQ™ Digital Banking

Data-driven platform enables customers to learn more about their finances anytime, anywhere

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Sept. 21, 2015 – Arvest Bank has introduced Online Banking with BlueIQ™, a new data-driven digital platform that delivers a comprehensive set of innovative, personalized banking services. The system’s integrated data analytics engine enables customers to easily track spending, set savings goals and streamline financial management from accounts held at Arvest Bank and elsewhere. Early response from customers using BlueIQ™ has been very positive and adoption of the new budgeting and planning features has been strong.

Powered by D3 Banking, Arvest Online Banking with BlueIQ™ leverages responsive web design in a scalable transactional environment making it possible to provide a consistent user experience. The flexibility offered by the D3 platform is a key element in Arvest Bank’s strategy to provide a more unified banking experience across all devices. The adaptable design of BlueIQ™ positions Arvest Bank to rapidly introduce additional services and innovations as the needs of digital customers continue to evolve. Arvest became an early investor in D3 Banking and has worked with the development team in an advisory capacity during the development phase.

“BlueIQ™ embodies our vision for how digital banking must evolve to be more personal, valuable and seamless,” said Phil Porter, COO of Arvest Bank. “By offering the easily accessible data on a simple and secure platform, Arvest can become a part of every stage of a customer’s finances – from current spending decisions to setting and achieving future goals.”

“Financial institutions are awash in data that could enable them to construct the most intimate financial portrait of individual customers in history. There is an urgent need for banks and credit unions to act on this advantage — or risk being outflanked by rivals from inside and outside the banking industry,” said Mark Schwanhausser, Director of Omnichannel Financial Services, Javelin. “Used smartly, this data could transform the meaning of ‘personal banking.’ What lies ahead is a transformative period when harnessing data will enable banks and credit unions to inform, encourage, and advise customers on a daily basis. Those that achieve such a relationship will truly be in the coveted position as the customers’ trusted primary financial institution.”

“Maintaining extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction over time requires an ability to listen to and respond to the changing needs of the consumer,” said Porter. “Today’s banking customer demands instant access to their accounts along with the financial tools required to be smarter with their money. BlueIQ™, powered by D3, will help us deliver on these expectations.”

About Arvest Bank
Arvest Bank operates more than 270 bank branches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas through a group of 16 locally managed banks, each with its own board and management team. These banks serve customers in more than 120 communities, with 12-hour weekday banking at most locations. Arvest also provides a wide range of banking services including loans, deposits, treasury management, credit cards, mortgage loans and mortgage servicing. Arvest is an equal housing lender and member FDIC. 

About D3 Banking
D3 Banking reduces the cost and complexity of digital banking by providing a scalable single code base solution for consumers and small businesses that can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, tablets and wearables. The company provides responsive web design in a scalable transactional environment to deliver a consistent user experience. Its Data Driven Digital™ banking leverages a powerful, proven analytics engine that delivers value-added financial management tools to consumers and small businesses while providing financial institutions with the ability to use this information to personalize their product and service offerings.. More than 225 institutions in the United States use products and solutions from D3 Banking.

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