• Data Driven

  • Scalable

  • Configurable

  • Digital Banking

  • One Solution

  • For Online And Mobile

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  • Consumers love technology. Ultra-light laptops, smartphones, tablets, phablets, wearables.

  • This means financial institutions are faced with an ever expanding set of digital channels through which their customers want to bank.

  • Many banks and credit unions have reacted to the increased adoption of digital access points with a multi-channel strategy.

  • Today, successful banks and credit unions are deploying digital banking solutions.

  • D3 Banking is an data driven digital banking solution that lowers costs, reduces complexity ...

  • ... and provides a consistent user experience regardless of device.

D3 Banking

  • One Solution

  • For Online, Mobile, And Whatever’s Next

  • With A Consistent UX

  • Any Time, Any Where, Any Device.

  • D3 Banking’s responsive web design frees banks and credit unions from the overhead associated with maintaining multiple applications for the variety of devices, screen sizes and operating systems.

  • D3 Banking provides the customer with a simple, intuitive interface for all types of money movement – bill pay, account-to-account, person-to-person – and provides the FI with least cost routing options.

  • D3 Banking’s integrated financial management tools automatically categorize transactions and create customizable budgets for customers making it easier to identify their goals and needs.

  • D3 Banking’s analytics give banks and credit unions a comprehensive view to the customer’s financial position allowing them to identify new revenue opportunities

  • Using D3 Banking, financial institutions can create, deliver and measure marketing campaigns that present relevant, personalized offers for new products and services via banners, email, and texts.

D3 Banking

  • Lowers Cost Per User

  • Reduces IT Infrastructure Complexity

  • Personalizes Products and Services

  • Unlocks New Revenue Potential

  • Our DNA is midwestern. We believe in fair dealing and plain speaking. Omaha, where we are headquartered, enjoys a rich history of technological leadership in financial services.

  • We don’t want to empower one another to “do the next right thing.” We want people on our team who are already empowered in this way as a part of the way they live their lives.

  • Our team includes industry veterans who have made a career out of helping banks and credit unions use technology to make life safer and simpler for their customers.

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Optimizing Digital Banking Content And Services

The influence of digital access points on the decision by consumers to switch financial institutions continues to grow in importance. It makes a “business as usual” approach the most significant risk an institution can take in responding to the digital needs of customers.

The Real Threat To Financial Institutions In The Digital Age

Christoffer O. Hernæs is executive VP of strategy, innovation and analysis at Sparebank 1 Group, Norway’s second-largest financial institution. His thoughts were recently published in TechCrunch and are second to none I have read when it comes to explaining what financial institutions should fear most about the digital age.

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