D3 Consumer Banking

One solution for all digital channels - laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables. Consistent user experience. Proven, scalable, data driven. What digital banking should be.
Making digital banking more profitable Here’s What Digital Banking Should Be

Dashboard With
All The Options

View And Do

The highest priority items customers and members want – view balance, check transaction, make a payment, transfer money.

Review And Relax

Budget trends and financial position of customer or member are presented. Power users can configure, track, analyze and plan their financial future.

Deliver The 3 Cs Of Digital Banking

Embedded Financial Management

Lose The Tab -It's In There

All transactions for all digital users are categorized with a 99%+ accuracy. Forget PFM as a tab. Provide financial management without additional user fees.

Actionable Data For All

Customer or member used categorized data for evaluation and planning. Institution uses same data to personalize the services offered to the end user.

What Bankers Could Learn From Retailers

Money Movement
You Control

Control The User Experience

Instead of surrendering control to payment service providers, we allow the institution to control the user experience for all money movement functions.

Use The Data To Save Money

The banks and credit unions with our solution also control the data associated with all money movement services allowing for least cost routing.

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